Rescue from Boddam Rocks

A Young seal watcher misjudges the tides and becomes trapped on the rocks at Boddam. A dramatic helicopter rescue is launched.

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Arron rescued from Boddam Rocks

In the early afternoon of Tuesday 18 October 2001, 10 year old Arron McLauchlan was watching seals on the rocks near Buchanness Lighthouse, situated less than 2 Nautical Mile South of Peterhead. But when he realised that the incoming tide had cut him off, the situation suddenly became desperate. Arron was Lucky however as a passer-by saw his predicament and alerted the rescue services.

Arron was in danger of being swept away into the freezing sea or smashed on the rocks. As the saying goes, time and tide wait for no man, and Arron was no exception. Less than 30 minutes after the rescue services had been alerted the Peterhead lifeboat 'RNLB Babs and Agnes Robertson', Coxswained by Andrew Brown, was on the scene. Despite the conditions being foggy and with a choppy sea, they reached the boy.

Crewman Patrick Davidson used the X-boat to reach the frightened boy and quickly fitted a lifejacket on him. The heavy swell made it dangerous to return to the lifeboat so, with the lifeboat standing by, Patrick stayed with and reassured Arron until the helicopter arrived to winch them both to safety.

The lifeboat was back on station and ready for service less than an hour after it had been launched - which shows the skills of volunteer lifeboat crews and their professional training.

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