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Call Out Shouts from 1988 to 2000


February 7th - False alarm Mayday Alert, Local College)
February 29th - Helicopter with engine trouble – landed safely
April 7th Raft swept out to sea at Gadle Braes (Suspected persons onboard) - no one on board
April 25th - MFV 'Lucky Luke' with engine trouble 2 miles east of Buchaness - gave assistance
April 26th - MFV 'Steadfast' FR with engine trouble off of Cairnbulg - vessel got tow from Peterhead and Fraserburgh
April 30th - Missing Persons
May 8th - Creel boat 'Endeavour' Missing between Peterhead and Fraserburgh
May 20th - MFV 'Carisanne' FR with engine trouble – gave tow, Assisted Vessel
May 23rd - Pleasure Craft aground in bay whilst out on exercise
July 11th - Yacht 'Sea Star' in difficulties 3 miles SE of Peterhead - gave tow
July 24th - Pleasure craft broke down outside bay – gave tow
July 24th - Person reported entering water at Cruden Bay beach – Nothing found.
July 25th - MFV 'Kestrel' of Buckie - Took out R.N. Bomb Disposal Team -Vessel had trawled up W.W.2 mine in her nets- Escorted vessel – mine detonated off Collieston.
July 26th - Motor boat – Engine failure seaward side of South breakwater - Gave Help.
July 31st - MFV 'Avoca' BCK hit rocks outside Peterhead - escorted to Peterhead
August 19th - Red Flares sighted off Cruden Bay – Nothing found
September 17th - Yacht 'Cloud Nine' with engine trouble 1 mile south of Buchaness - gave tow. Click for Image.
October 9th - E.P.R.I.B.
October 15th - Yacht 'Cavatina' in difficulty off Cruden bay - gave tow to Peterhead
October 17th - Dinghy in difficultly in Peterhead bay – gave assistance
November 6th - MFV's 'Constant Friend' & 'Tenacious' Assisted. Click for Image.
November 7th - MFV 'Tenacious' BCK, Gave tow. Click for Image.
November 27th - MFV 'Aspire', Assisted
December 4th - MFV 'Silja Martine' under tow by MFV 'Rikke Hilm' Assisted
December 20th - MFV Opportune - E.P.R.I.B. False alarm


January 21st - Helicopter in difficulties inbound from offshore installation – stood by
February 23rd - - Person fell from cliff at Bullers of Buchan
April 23rd - Person fell from cliff at Bullers of Buchan
May 26th - Red flares off Peterhead (Hoax)
June 18th - Person fell from cliff at Boddam
June 21st - Red flares off Peterhead (Hoax)
July 5th - FV 'Viking Warrior' towing FV 'Callerou' - Escorted vessels
September 11th - MFV 'Mairhead' towing MFV 'Ptarmigan' 1 mile from Peterhead escorted vessels
September 11th Woman missing at Slains Castle – casualty located.
September 15th - MFV 'Viking Warrior' Taking in water 1.5 mile SE of Peterhead – gave tow.
October 4th - E.P.R.I.B. – Heard, whilst Out On Exercise - false alarm.


January 4th- Red Flares off Peterhead
February 3rd - MFV 'Elegance' PD collided with partner 83 miles east of Peterhead – escorted vesse. 25 Hour long Shout.
March 24th - MFV 'Evening Star' BCK injured person on board - transferred to hospital
March 28th - MFV 'Lynne May' PD broken down – towed vessel
April 25th - Person missing from speed boat in Peterhead Bay
May 2nd -Jet ski off Cruden bay
May 25th - FV 'Investor' on rocks at Rattray – escort vessel
May 29th - Person fell from cliff at Bullers of Buchan
August 28th - Person fell from cliff at Bullers of Buchan
October 13th- Two Persons fell from MFV into Harbour
December 16th - Search for missing person at Cruden Bay
December 17th - Resumed search for missing person
December 27th - Motor vehicle in the water south of Buchanness Lighthouse


March 7th - MFV 'Surmount' PD taking in water 50 miles NE of Peterhead, coping with its own pumps – escort vessel
June 16th - MFV 'Lady Prim' being towed by another vessel - towed both vessels
June 21st - Yacht 'Pantahan' in difficulty 4.5 miles SE of Peterhead.
July 16th - Tall Ship 'Europa' with injured crew person – casualty transferred to hospital
July 30th - Yacht 'Frolic' adrift off Cruden bay – gave tow
August 5th - Small boat off Roanheads
August 15th - E.P.R.I.B. from MFV 'Resplendent'
September 6th - Yawl 'Rainbow' broken down 1 mile south of Buchaness - gave tow
September 24th - Yawl 'Ragnhild' broken down just outside Peterhead bay – gave tow
October 1st - MFV 'Sapphire' PD vessel sank 12 miles NE of Peterhead – searched area, called off for night
October 2nd - MFV 'Sapphire' PD – resume search
December 13th - Lifting barge Taklift 7 transferred injured party to hospital


January 26th - - Person reported in the water in Peterhead bay
February 8th - Ships lifeboat in difficulties in Peterhead bay – towed to harbour
February 18th - Man missing in Peterhead bay
March 6th - 'Gillian E' Took off man with a injured leg
May 21st - Cabin Cruiser 'Merlin' broken down 1 mile off Peterhead – gave tow
June 2nd - 2 persons adrift in open boat – taken to Peterhead, then returned for boat
June 28th - Russian Liner 'Alla Tarasova' (This shout was unusual as the Mayday was sent by the old fashioned way of Morse Code) in difficulty 6.5 miles NE of Peterhead with 139 POB – pump put on board and escorted ship.
July 14th - Diving boat in difficulties 1.5 miles east of Boddam – escorted inflatable to Boddam
July 28th - Body in water off Rattray head – recovered body
August 7th - Yacht 'Selene 2' in difficulty off North head - escorted vessel
October 3rd - E.P.R.I.B. heard 15 miles NE of Peterhead.
December 22nd - Red Flares sighted


February 15th - MFV 'Breadwinner' WY in difficulty – took 3 crew off and towed to Peterhead.
February 26th - MFV 'Sharadale' AH & Offshore Support Vessel 'Huntetor' collide 24 miles east of Peterhead. 1 person missing – search carried out
May 1st - Person on the rocks at Slains castle – stood by
May 8th - Offshore Support Vessel 'St Paul' in difficulty 2 miles off Peterhead - stood by
May 21st - Yacht 'Rahala' taking in water off Skares buoy – pump put aboard and tow to Peterhead.
June 15th - Yacht 'Elenor' injured crewman - first aid and escort vessel
June 29th -Member of public spotted something in water off Buchanhaven - false alarm with good intent.
July 23rd - Yacht 'Grecian' damage to rudder 10 miles east of Peterhead and 1 injured crewman – first aid and tow vessel
August 17th - Yacht 'Krisara' lost in fog 1.5 miles east of Peterhead - escorted vessel
August 17th - Yacht 'Sandgropper' lost in fog 7.5 miles SE of Peterhead – escorted vessel
August 17th - 'Yacht ‘Whimbel' in difficulty 2.5 miles N of Peterhead - gave tow
August 27th - Sailing Club Rescue Craft in difficulty in Peterhead bay – gave assistance
September 9th - E.P.R.I.B.
September 27th - Helicopter in difficulties NE of Peterhead, landed at Longside safely - stood by
October 24th - MFV 'Argosy' INS being towed by another vessel, tow rope broke 1mile east of Peterhead – gave tow
October 28th - MFV 'Acorn' aground beside Boddam harbour – launched X-boat and took 1 person off and towed vessel off.
November 13th - MV 'Cockenzie Queen' in difficulty 3 mile NE of Peterhead – gave tow and pumped out


January 8th - E.P.R.I.B. Heard - stolen from fishing vessel picked up 3 miles east of Peterhead
February 16th - Smoke Float sighted off Buchanhaven, picked up float and searched area – nothing found
February 21st - Coaster 'Scot Trader' of Hamburg aground at entrance to Fraserburgh harbour, vessel refloated – gave assistance.
June 3rd - E.P.R.I.B. heard – found by rescue 137 at Longside airfield.
June 18th - Raft with 2 pob in difficulty off Cruden Bay – towed to Cruden Bay.
June 25th - Pleasure boat in difficulty at Cruden Bay – vessel made it to harbour safely
June 29th - Child cut off by tide at Roanheads – taken aboard lifeboat and back to Peterhead.
August 31st - Small MFV 'Fertility' PD ashore at Burnhaven - towed off and towed to Peterhead slipway
September 26th - MFV 'Fern' BF taking in water 22 miles NE of Peterhead – pump put on board and escorted to Fraserburgh.
October 5th - Pleasure boat 'Poseidon' broken down 1mile east of Peterhead - towed to Peterhead


January 27th- MFV 'Strathspey' of Arbroath on fire 24 miles east of Cruden Bay – gave help
February 19th - MFV 'Olive Ann' BCK – taking in water 25 NE of Peterhead - escort vessel
April 20th- MFV's 'Day Spring' PD & 'Andromeda' LK collide 2 miles NE of Peterhead in thick fog - escort Dayspring to Peterhead
April 27th - E.P.R.I.B.
May 13th - Person in the sea at Collieston – Rescue 137 picked up casualty
May 23rd - Mayday Call (Hoax)
May 24th - Rubber dingy adrift at mouth of river Ugie, beached at golf course
July 7th - Sea plane-‘Cattelina’ – lost one engine – stood by, landed safely
July 8th - Rubber dingy spotted off Buchanhaven – gave help
July 28th - Creel boat “ Silver Foam” WH engine failure beside Skerry rock – gave tow
August 15th - Person stranded on the rocks at Cruden Bay – took on board and taken to Peterhead.
August 30th - Russian Klondyker ’Kendalaska’ - run aground on Skerry rock – later refloated
September 5th - E.P.R.I.B.
September 12th - Cabin Cruiser 'Dolphin' in difficulty between Peterhead and Rattray – escorted vessel
September 19th - Yacht at mouth of Ythan –managed into river under own power
October 3rd Yacht “Ambrosia” – beached at aground at Scotstown – stood by
October 13th - Diver in difficulty at Scotstown
October 20th - MFV 'Adoration' PD taking in water 12 miles ESE of Peterhead, got pump aboard and escorted vessel to Peterhead
November 4th - MFV 'Patrice' with fuel problems 1 mile SE of Rattray lighthouse – gave tow
December 6th - MFV 'Daisy' FR started to sink 1 mile south east of Cruden Bay – Rescue 137 picked up 2 crewmen – vessel sank


April 6th - Red flares sighted off St Fergus – nothing found
April 14th - Launched to assist Coastguard after climber fell at Bullers of Buchan
April 25th - Small boat run aground at golf course - Gave Help
June 2 - Yacht 'Sarabande' in difficulty in thick fog, with sick crewman as well- Gave Help
June 20th - Body on the rocks beside Longhaven - recovered by dinghy
July 10th - Injured person on the rocks south of Boddam – gave help
August 5th - 3 People stranded on rocks at Gadle Braes – gave help
August 13th - Red flares sighted off Buchanhaven – nothing found
August 22nd - Coaster 'Sea Reefer' ran aground on North head, Rescue 137 & 131in assistance - gave help
October 25th - MFV 'Progress', engine failure 4 miles south of Peterhead – gave tow
December 18th - 'R.N.L.B. Famous Grouse', engine trouble 1 mile off Peterhead – escort vessel(Yes, even we can get into trouble now and then and need assistance from another lifeboat)


February 19th - MFV 'Silver Star' of Buckie
February 19th - MFV 'Silver Star' of Buckie in tow by MV 'Janeen' - Escorted Vessels
February 20th - Fishing Boat 'Misty' – Engine trouble - Gave Help
February 24th - 'Missing person reported in Peterhead bay - Landed Body
February 24th - Tug 'Flying Scud' - Gave Help
March 3rd - Person fell into water at Slains Castle
March 9th - Yacht ‘Donian’ lost in fog between Fraserburgh and Peterhead - Gave Help
May 1st - MFV 'Bounty' of Peterhead – Boat in danger of sinking – escorted vessel
June 17th - MV 'Cambio' – Engines failure off Colliston - Gave Help
July 4th - MFV 'Boy John' of Peterhead – Engine failure - Gave Help
August 13th - FV 'Mermaid' – Aground at Boddam lighthouse - Saved Boat
August 18th - MFV 'Magnificent' - Fire on board - in tow by MV 'Serenus' - Escorted Vessels
September 20th - FV 'Eminant' – On fire off Peterhead - Saved Vessel
October 14th - FV ‘Hope’ of Boddam – Engines failed, ran aground - Gave Help
October 26th - RoRo Ferry 'Camilla' - Transferred sick man to hospital
December 07th - Missing child off Buchanhaven – Found safe and well
December 17th - Helicopter (Offshore) Sent mayday - Stood by.


July 24th - Body in Sea
July 25th - MFV 'Kestral' of Buckie - Took out R.N. Bomb Disposal Team -Vessel had trawled up W.W.2 mine in her nets- Escorted vessel – mine detonated off Collieston.
July 25th - Motor boat. Engine failure seaward side of South breakwater- Gave Help
August 19th -Red Flares sighted off Cruden Bay – Nothing found


January 10th - MV 'Monaco' in tow by 'Jermoe Lotzer' - Escorted Vessels
May 22nd - 'Fidelity 2'
June 8th - MV 'Angela' of Peterhead - Saved Vessel
June 20th - MV 'Noronya' of Keith - Gave Help
July 31st - Salmon Cobble Capsized
August 28th - Standby of two MFV
October 16th - Searching for Small Boat
November 17th - MFV 'Sustain' of Peterhead - Escorted Vessel
November 17th - MFV 'Three Bells' of Peterhead - Escorted Vessel


February 19th - MV 'Triumph' of Peterhead - Escorted Vessel
March 22nd - MV 'Indara' - Gave Help
May 3rd - MV 'Joint Venture' - Gave Help
May 7th - MV 'Pandalus' of Denmark in collision with 'North Sea Surveyor' of Norway - Landed 2 bodies, 1 injured man
May 7th - MV 'Pandalus' in Tow by Kemara - Escorted Vessels
May 28th - Body in Water
August 8th - MV 'Supreme' - Escorted Vessel
September 2nd - Yacht 'Hallan' - Escorted Vessel
October 26th - Tractor stuck on Beach
December 3rd - Landed capsized Dinghy

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