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Call Out Shouts from 1865 to 1942


1942 Jan 24 SS Runswick of Whitby, 44 saved 3970grt steamer with a cargo of coal, was in collision with the Saltwick off Peterhead, and whilst sheltering in the bay, was driven ashore below Smith Embankment. Peterhead Lifeboat took off her crew of 44 in atrocious conditions. She was sucessfully refloated later.
1941 Jan 18 Castlebrae and Kitty Mackay, escorted vessels
1941 Feb 21 Merite, gave help
1941 Feb 27 HMS Monimia, stood by 347grt Hull trawler built 1929, taken up for Admiralty service, stranded in the South Bay
1941 May 17 Archangel of Harwich, 18 saved 2488grt steamer built in 1910, requisitioned as a troop ship and bombed whilst en route from Kirkwall to Aberdeen. Tugs sent to help had to abandon tow, and she was beached at Belhelvie
1941 May 22 Golden Rod of Peterhead
1941 Jun 20 HMS Resmilo, saved 24 258grt Grimsby trawler built in 1917, requisitioned for Admiralty service and bombed by German aircraft whilst in Peterhead Bay, she sank off the end of the South breakwater
1941 Jun 21 Boy of Peterhead, 2 saved
1941 Jul 11 Suzette of Aberdeen, 12 saved 199grt Aberdeen steam trawler built 1920, stranded on the Girdle Wears
1941 Jul 13 Seaplane, saved seaplane and 3 crew
1941 Oct 20 Leo of Grimsby
1941 Oct 29 HMS Flotta, stood by
1941 Nov 6 HMS Flotta, 9 saved 530grt steam trawler built as a minesweeper for the Admiralty in 1941, she ran aground on Buchan Ness on 29 October, eventualy refloated then foundered soon after, on 6 November


1940 Feb 6 Zitella of London
1940 Feb 12 Axel of Denmark, 6 saved
1940 Sep 2 Convoy attacked by enemy aircraft, saved 3 boats and raft
1940 Sep 6 Gannet of London, 24 saved
1940 Sep 26 Port Dennison of London, landed 8, rescued 2 8043grt steamer from London to Aukland with general cargo, torpedoed and machine-gunned by Luftwaffe off Rattray Head, 16 of her crew were lost
1940 Oct 30 Lisbon, Simonburn, Baron Minto, Alcora, 93 saved Lisbon: 1984grt Ellerman steamer built 1920, en route from Lisbon to London with general cargo, driven ashore at Rattray Head. Alcora: 5355grt Liverpool steamer aground at Rattray Head. Baron Minto: 4637grt Ardrossan steamer built in 1937, en route from Texas to Hull with a cargo of scrap, she was driven ashore at Strathbeg Bay. Simonburn: 5213 grt steamer built 1925, from Montreal to London with wheat, driven ashore at Rattray, then drifted off and sank four miles off Rattray Head.
1939 Mar 24 Mayflower and Jessie Annn , escorted boats into harbour
1939 Jul 13 Ocean Harvest of Great Yarmouth, 10 saved 95grt steam drifter built 1913, ran aground at Rattray Head
1939 Jul 16 St Ninian of Aberdeen, 21 saved
1939 Aug 26 Sarah Ross of Peterhead
1939 Oct 21 Trustful of Banff, 3 saved
1939 Oct 30 Cairnmona of Newcastle, 42 saved 4666grt steamship built 1918 by Sunderland S.B.Co., she was torpedoed 3 miles east of Rattray Head by the U-13 whilst en route from Montreal and Halifax to Leith and Newcastle with a general cargo, including wheat, zinc and copper ingots. Three of the crew were lost, but 42 were rescued by the Aberdeen trawler River Lossie and the Peterhead lifeboat
1937 Oct 26 Day Dawn of Peterhead, escorted vessel
1937 Dec 7 Day Dawn of Peterhead, saved boat and crew of 3
1936 Jan 20 Confederate of Aberdeen
1936 Jul 17 Avon Glen
1935 Aug 23 Port Jackson of Aberdeen, saved 9 197grt Aberdeen steam trawler built 1904, ran aground off Scotstown Head in fog
1935 Oct 20 Cantick Head of Kirkwall, 4 saved This time the unfortunate ketch was refloated, but she was finally lost 7 May 1938 when she stranded at the entrance to Peterhead Harbour
1935 Oct 23 George Pickard of Peterhead, 2 saved
1934 Jan 5 Ben Strome of Aberdeen, 10 saved 198grt Aberdeen steam trawler built 1914, eventually sunk by the Luftwaffe off the faroes in 1941
1934 Jun 20 Isabella & Nina of Peterhead, 10 saved
1934 Sep 8 Dagon of Grimsby, saved 2
1933 Jan 18 Struan of Aberdeen, 9 saved The 213grt Aberdeen registered Admiralty trawler Struan (ex-William Cogswell), built in 1918, ran aground in fog on the Outers Reef at Scotstown Head, the sound of her siren attracted attention, and Peterhead lifeboat and the Peterhead life saving brigade were called out. The life saving brigade had to transport their gear over more than a mile of sand dunes. Their first rocket fell wide of the trawler, but the second fell across the wreck, and the stranded trawlermen began to haul it in. At that moment, however, Peterhead lifeboat succeeded at the sixth attempt in closing alongside the wreck, and took off the nine crewmen.
1932 Jan 14 Thistle of Peterhead, 2 saved
1932 May 1 Recruit of Peterhead, 7 saved
1932 Sep 8 Small boat of Peterhead, 1 saved
1931 Sep 23 St Cransdale of Aberdeen, 9 saved 183 grt Aberdeen steam trawler, A453 (ex Henry Ross) built 1901, stranded on Scotstown Head 21/1/1931, refloated then sank whilst under tow in 17 fathoms off Kirkton head.
1931 May 24 Bervie Braes of Aberdeen
1931 Jul 8 Shepherd Boy of Fraserburgh


1930 Sep 23 City Of Osaka of Liverpool, landed 32
1928 Mar 25 Renaissance of Aberdeen, 7 saved 199grt Aberdeen steam trawler (ex John H Irvin) built 1913 by Hall Russell of Aberdeen. Ran aground on Craigewan Point in fog, in an attempt to haul her off, four of the crew rowed out with the trawler's anchor tied to their small boat. Before they could drop it a little way off, their boat was capsized by a wave, and immediately sank, dragged down by the weight of the anchor and chain. The four men in the rowing boat were swept away and disappeared. Peterhead rocket brigade arrived and had just succeeded in firing a line to the Renaissance when the Peterhead lifeboat also arrived on the scene and took the six remaining crewmen aboard. En route to the wreck, the lifeboatmen had heard the shouts of one of the four men who had been in the capsized rowing boat, and pulled him from the water after he had drifted more than half a mile from the wreck. The three others from the rowing boat were never found.
1928 Mar 25 Firsby of Grimsby, stood by vessel, 2 saved 207grt Boston steam trawler (ex George Ireland, ex Teviot) built 1918, ran aground in the mouth of the River Ugie in fog. She was later refloated and renamed Star of Learney, A387, stranded at Kirkwall 25/12/1942, refloated and renamed River Learney A564, scrapped 1960.
1928 Apr 29 Sunniva of Aberdeen, Landed, 45 saved
1928 Jul 22 Frebeli of Northern Yacht Club, stood by vessel
1927 Nov 23 Rayford of Methil, stood by vessel
1926 Mar 13 Bragi of Stettin, stood by vessel 850grt Hamburg-registered steamship Bragi ran aground 150 yds north of Rattray lighthouse, en route from Methil to the Faroes with a cargo of coal and coke. The lifeboat was unable to approach the vessel because of the breaking waves, and the crew were taken off by LSA.
1926 Mar 13 Admiralty drifter Levanter, 11 saved Wrecked in the Harbour of Refuge, Peterhead
1925 May 16 Abronia of Grimsby, stood by vessel


1920 Feb 18 K.N.Hardy of Aberdeen
1920 Feb 18 HM Destroyer, rendered assistance
1920 Jun 30 HM Motor boat Nobles, saved boat and rendered assistance
1920 Nov 21 Brucklay of Aberdeen, assisted and saved vessel, 9 saved
1920 Dec 4 Floating crane of Invergordon, stood by Crane-barge under tow from Invergordon to Chatham, broke adrift and was abandoned at 58d38N 01d55W. She drifted ashore on the North Head, two trawlermen who had attemted to salvage the barge were taken off by LSA. Sold for salvage in March 1921, but 5 years later was driven closer inshore and remained until broken up by the heavy seas.
1918 Jul 16 Trieste of Dundee, rendered assistance, 22 saved 1512grt steamer Trieste (ex Daisy Morris) built Whitehaven 1883. Swansea to Sarpborg with coal, ran aground on Girdle Wears
1917 Apr 2 Tregarth of Liverpool and Boscastle of West Hartlepool, 26 saved Two steamers driven ashore in the South Bay, later refloated
1917 Apr 3 Boscastle of West Hartlepool, 15 saved Driven ashore in South Bay, later refloated
1916 Oct 3 Anne of Shields
1916 Oct 28 Kiev of Odessa, 74 saved 5566grt steamship Kiev built in 1896 by J & G Thomson of Glasgow for Russian owners. She stranded on Rattray Briggs while en route from Archangel to Leith with a general cargo. Of the 69 crew and 22 passengers, 8 lives were lost.
1916 Oct 4 Miranda assisted to ease vessel
1915 Apr 8 SS Kremlin of London, stood by
1914 Jan 13 Inna of Stenkjaer, saved vessel and rendered assistance, 10 saved
1914 Apr 19 Olberg of Bremerhaven, stood by
1914 Oct 29 Blankan of Oscarhaven and a shore boat, 21 saved 1471grt Swedish steamer Blanka built Newcastle 1889, Umea to Hull with deals, battens and boards, ran aground 2 miles north of Rattray Head in NE gale at 3.00am
1913 Mar 6 Onyx of Peterhead, saved boat, 3 saved
1913 Mar 17 Fishing fleet of Peterhead, stood by boats
1913 Mar 17 Pioneer of Peterhead, 4 saved
1913 Mar 28 Fingall of Montrose, 4 saved


1910 Jan 13 Lady Bessie of Aberdeen, stood by 183grt wooden steamer built 1884, stranded 300yds west of the entrance to the South Harbour
1910 Nov 13 Steam trawler Devanha of Aberdeen, stood by
1909 Jan 12 Schooner Surprise of Arbroath
1907 Jan 18 SS Strathbeg of Aberdeen, stood by 202grt Aberdeen steam trawler, A90 built 1906. The Strathbeg stranded on Scotstown Head Later refloated, she was eventually wrecked at the Fless, Fair Isle 11 September 1907.
1907 Aug 9 Lugger Concord of St Combs, 6 saved
1906 Feb 26 Schooner Banrigh of Wick, stood by
1904 Apr 6 Steam trawler Benvenue of Aberdeen, 9 saved The 151grt Aberdeen steam trawler Ben Venue was built in 1899 by Hall Russell of Aberdeen for the North British Steam Fishing Co. Ltd. After running on to Skerry Rock in Sandford Bay, Boddam, she got off, but foundered very shortly after. Her crew of 9 picked were up by smallboat from Grimsby trawler Baltic, GY186 and transferred to Peterhead Lifeboat.
1903 Jan 22 Schooner of Peterhead, 6 saved 210grt Peterhead schooner Exile, built 1864, from Burntisland to Peterhead with coal, stranded in the South Bay
1903 Nov 14 Brigante Astre of Christiansand, 8 saved The 268t Norwegian iron brigantine Astrea ran aground on Cruden Scares in a southerly gale and fog. Port Erroll rocket brigade's lines were unable to reach the vessel as she too was far from the shore. Peterhead lifeboat was towed to the wreck and succeeded in rescuing the eight crew.
1902 Apr 1 Schooner Pioneer of Dundee, assisted vessel
1901 Feb 14 Steam trawler Roslin of Aberdeen, 9 saved
1901 Jul 24 Fishing boat Advance of Pittenweem


1899 Nov 1 Seagull of London, 12 saved
1899 Nov 2 Bitto assisted to save vessel
1898 Apr 13 Fishing boats remained afloat
1898 Apr 29 Fish boat Maggie M. Birnie of Peterhead, stood by
1895 Mar 28 Fishing boat Eclipse of Peterhead, 7 saved
1889 Jan 9 Staatsrath Von Brock of Rostock, 9 saved 240t brig from Danzig to Peterhead with timber, stranded 1/2 mile north of Scotstown Head
1889 Jan 15 Arnold of Copenhagen, 5 saved Schooner, lost 'near Peterhead'
1888 Sep 24 Aurora of Pitullie, assisted
1886 Sep 11 Resolute of Lossiemouth, 5 saved The Resolve - a Lossiemouth schooner which went aground 'near Peterhead'
1882 Sep 1 Bon Accord of Portknockie, 3 saved
1882 Oct 15 Fortuna of Arendal, 10 saved 334grt barque built 1853, in ballast, stranded near Scotstown Head
1881 Nov 22 Excelsior of Laurwig, 13 saved 462grt Norwegian barque built 1869, with a cargo of phosphate rock, ran aground between Scotstown and Rattray Heads
1879 Apr 11 Sunshine of Wick, 11 saved
1877 Aug 17 Vigilant of St Andrews, 1 saved
1877 Nov 13 Sif of Moss, assisted
1876 Sep 4 Macedonia of Blyth, 7 saved Brig, lost 'near Peterhead'
1876 Sep 4 Robert Stephenson of North Shields, 9 saved Brig, stranded 'near Peterhead'
1876 Dec 24 Ida of Randers, stood by Probably the Vidar - a 244t Arenadal registered brig which stranded 23/12/1876 at Drums Burn, 2 miles south of the Ythan. The five crew were rescued by coastguards
1875 Oct 22 Natalie Jacobine of Nibe Jutland, 4 saved Actually the Nathalia Jacobsina which ran aground by the harbour entrance, and was later refloated
1874 Jan 19 Linda Flor of Ipswich, assisted
1874 Oct 21 Dunrobin of Wick, 6 saved
1872 Nov 21 Cyrene of Sunderland, assisted 353t barque built 1867 with a cargo of rails and coal, wrecked at Rattray Head
1871 Sep 22 George & Ann of Cairnbulg, assisted
1871 Oct 1 Courier of Lerwick, assisted
1871 Nov 19 Albion of Rostock, 10 saved Barque with cargo of timber wrecked on Kirkton Head
1866 Jan 13 Black Agnes of South Shields, 3 saved 58grt schooner built 1855, wrecked south of Peterhead
1866 Mar 24 Providentia of Svelig, 8 saved Norwegian brig wrecked at entrance to Peterhead harbour
1865 Dec 24 Wilhelmina of Neisdum, 1 saved Dutch schooner with a cargo of linseed stranded on the east side of Rattray Head

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