The current Peterhead Lifeboat Station, the third built, was opened in 1999 and is staffed by one full time RNLI employee. The Lifeboat Misses Robertson of Kintail is berthed approximately 100 metres away.
Left: The current Lifeboat Station, completed May 1999
Right: The Misses Robertson of Kintail at her berth approx 100 metres from the station
Left and Right: Interior shots of the current Lifeboat station
Left: Interior shot of the current Lifeboat station
Right: The crews equipment ready to go at a moments notice
Peterhead Lifeboat operating area. To the North is Fraserburgh, South is Aberdeen
Left: The front of the old station, photo courtesy of Aberdeenshire Council
Right: Looking up the old stations slipway, photo courtesy of Aberdeenshire Council

RNLI Peterhead Lifeboat Station

The current RNLI station is the third in Peterhead. The first was established in 1865 and remained in use until 1928. In 1912, the second station was built to hold Peterhead's second Lifeboat. This second station remained in service for the next 87 years, with numerous modifications over the years to accomodate bigger and more modern Lifeboats. This station was eventually demolished as a part of major developemental work on Peterhead Harbour, resulting in a new fishmarket, pier and lifeboat station. The current station, the third in Peterheads history, was opened in 1999. With the new station came a new permanent berth for the Tyne class Lifeboat Babs and Agnes Robertson and its later replacement Tamar class Misses Robertson of Kintail.

The station has a reception area showcasing some of the stations awards, and equipment rooms for the crews gear. There is also a small workshop for the mechanic and a large seating area for crewmembers with some basic amenities. There are also toilets and a small office.

Peterheads current Lifeboat Misses Robertson of Kintail is berthed in its own custom slot in the harbour a mere 100 metres from the station. The lifeboat fits snugly between the large stone pier and a floating pontoon with an easy access ramp that rises and lowers with the tide - no climbing up and down dangerous slippery ladders required! This custom berth has been designed with safety in mind, and also allows for extremely rapid launch and recovery operations.

Peterhead Lifeboat Station's operating area runs from Collieston northwards up the coast to Rattray Head, and extends East into the north sea for around 100nm, creating an operating area approximately 1300 square Nautical Miles. Passed the northern boundary is Fraserburgh Lifeboat's operating area, and beyond the southern is Aberdeen's. Of course, on any given shout, Peterhead Lifeboat may well be sent outside its operating area depending on circumstances.

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